The MET workshop was invited in transmediale.2016 to participate in the Re-examining Global.Ports panel,  moderated by Ben Vickers and Oliver Lerone Schultz.

Unplanned Interdependencies | Guapamacataro

An unplanned but orchestrated encounter between two groups of people: a group of artists in Residency and a group of invited visitors from the community meet up and are invited to participate in a circle of friendship. The human circle is a formation which allows for a better and more equitable understanding between members of an encounter….

Mediterranean Garden project

An experimental, sensory and productive garden of coexisting species, local and imported, provide visual, tactile and olfactory stimuli year-round. The selection of the plants has been made with the following criteria: – The elimination of watering needs. For this, species that adapt to the Mediterranean climate of plants with an already developed root system that…

Two houses in Vrilisia

The two adjacent residences share the same plot and are designed for the families of two sisters with both many common and distinct characteristics as well, whose lifestyles could be seen as complementary to each other. This is reflected in the architecture that houses them.   They are arranged so as to ensure a certain…

Ipirotiki office building

This is an office building project  which was the result of a competition. Ipirotiki Software & Publications is a company that controls the production of software and trade media which address accountants, tax data and trading, as well as sees itself as a major player in the area of specialized education in related areas. It…