Nicholas Anastasopoulos
,  PhD is an architect, researcher, lecturer at the National Technical University of Athens.

He studied architecture at the School of Architecture of the National Technical Unversity of Athens (1976-82). He obtained his Master of Architecture at Yale University (1983-85) and was an Onassis Foundation scholarship recipient.

His doctoral thesis on Environmental Management, Sustainability and Alternative Social and Living Formations, at the School of Architecture of the National Technical Unversity of Athens, was defended in 2013. His work addresses aspects of sustainability, spatial expressions of the commons in architecture and social structures, alternative communities, future alternatives, systems, complexity, and participation.

Extensive teaching experience in the US (Parsons School of Design, New School for Social Research, NYC), Greece (Patras University, AKTO), and Ecuador (IAEN, PUCE)

Has lectured widely as keynote speaker and presenter in Greece, the US, UK, Sweden, Hungary, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, etc.

As Prometeo post-doctoral Researcher (IAEN, Quito, 2014) he contributed with policy papers for the FLOK Society project and conducted research on aspects of Buen Vivir and the impact of the commons on urban environments.

His critical research “Imagining alternative futures for Ports in transition” assembling a group of researchers and activists worldwide formed part of the official program of Habitat III (10/2016, Quito).

Active individual member of the P2P Foundation and of Culture Action Europe.



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