Museum for agriculture and the environment. Loggos, Achaia

The Lambropoulos Olive Press building in Loggos began to function as such in the beginning of the 20th century applying the traditional cold press olive oil production method. It was renovated and transformed into the Achaean Land Center, which operates as a museum for regional agricultural history. The Center is active in the following domains:

1.Agricultural production
2.The environment and its local characteristics
3.Ethnography and history

This project involves the reuse and transformation of a traditional olive press in the center of the small town Loggos, into a museum for agriculture, the environment, local history and folklore collections.

It anticipates phasing which included renovation of the original two-floor olive press stone building, with rearrangement of existing machinery on the ground floor,  a new roof on the first floor and a refurbishment of the newer concrete block extension. There is a future phasing of an addition of a second-floor extension on top of the concrete block wing.








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