Museum for agriculture and the environment. Loggos, Achaia

The project involves the reuse and transformation of a traditional olive press in the center of the small town of Loggos, into a museum for agriculture, the environment, local history and folklore collections. The Lambropoulos building in Loggos functioned as an Olive Press at the beginning of the 20th century, at a time during which it applied the traditional cold press olive oil production methods.

It was renovated in 2008 and was transformed into the Achaean Land Center, which operates as a museum for regional agricultural history. The Center is currently active in the following domains:

1. Agricultural production
2. The environment and its local characteristics
3. Ethnography and history


It anticipates phasing which includes renovation of the original two-floor olive press stone building, with rearrangement of existing machinery on the ground floor,  a new roof on the first floor and a refurbishment of the newer concrete block extension (completed).


A future phase involves the addition of a second-floor extension on top of the concrete block wing.








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