Mediterranean Garden project

An experimental, sensory and productive garden of coexisting species, local and imported, provide visual, tactile and olfactory stimuli year-round. The selection of the plants has been made with the following criteria:

– The elimination of watering needs. For this, species that adapt to the Mediterranean climate of plants with an already developed root system that can support them during dry months were selected.
– The combination of evergreen and deciduous plants was preferred so that the garden presents the desirable characteristics of varying shading and light depending on the season.

A large open ‘room’, whose surroundings and borders follow an old garden that used to be there and the remaining signs of the neighboring structures. The garden revolves around its center, where an old well and a young plane tree is found. One of its corners is dedicated to composting that helps recycle the life in the garden and ensures its blossom and diversity.




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