The legacy of Christopher Alexander

Christopher Wolfgang Alexander is a widely influential architect and design theorist,  currently an emeritus professor at the University of California, Berkeley were he has taught for several decades. His theories about the nature of human-centered design have affected fields beyond architecture, including urban design, software, sociology, systems thinking, commons theory and others.  For this reason his legacy is wide open and ongoing and many students, faculty members at…

Imagining alternative futures for ports in transition: Habitat III

 “Imagining alternative futures for ports in transition” was an official Side Event of Habitat III, Quito, 17-20 October 2016. Former ports of air and water, in various parts of the world, experience uncertain states of gradual or abrupt transition. Some are being imagined as metropolitan parks, while in times of economic recession, others are facing…


Abstract of Keynote presentation to the Autonoma Conference Developing a South-to-South dialogue and parallel study, through addressing in parallel two post-colonial histories, the traditions of community, top-down and bottom-up approaches and the role of the state in two seemingly different countries such as Greece and Ecuador, is a provocative concept and it produces interesting results….


The MET workshop was invited in transmediale.2016 to participate in the Re-examining Global.Ports panel,  moderated by Ben Vickers and Oliver Lerone Schultz.